Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just so Max knows how much fun he missed to go watch plants grow

Seriously, doesn't this look like more fun than botany? It was. We swear.

We had beer. And hotdogs.


  1. How much better does it get.....BEER, hockey pals, and the HOPE for some ice to host the first annual IFLH Pond Hockey Classic. And Max had TOO much to do.....well I think he is in charge of the beer next go around! I hear Botanist make the big bucks least more than a part time shop teacher and "self Employed" artist.

  2. The rink looks awesome and I hate myself for missing the fun. I like beer, I like hotdogs, I love hockey and I HATE cleaing dog shit out of the carpet in my apartment.

    Just seeing those photos reminds me how much fun it will be to hoist the Zack Thurmmond Cup over my head and skate slow circles around the ice blowing kisses to the crowd.

    Botany rules, but short-handed goals are better than sex.