Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Weekly poll.

Check out the new weekly poll in the sidebar! JD and max, you are allowed to vote for yourselves.

IFLH official blog.

Preparations are well underway for the inaugural IFLH Palouse Pond Hockey Classic, to be held at Rhett's pond at some point in the winter of 2009. Maybe "well underway" is a stretch, but there has been much discussion of the T-shirt logo and the type and quanity of beer we plan to consume...so we clearly have our priorities straight.
Below are some shirt designs that JD came up with when he should have been teaching shop class.

As for beer, I think it's best if we appoint an official Ale House liaison to con some beer out of them. I nominate Andy, because he's the only respectable one in the bunch.
Most of us are familiar with the IFLH, but those of you who aren't should speak to Max. He'll be happy to fill you in.
More updates and photos to come. Hopefully. Provided it stops raining.

And no, that isn't a picture of Rhett's pond in the header. But it's a fucking sweet pond.