Monday, January 5, 2009

All For NOT?

So with the snow that fell last night......and a snow day for what appeared to be the ENTIRE city of Moscow, a few of us decided that it was in the best interest of the IFLH Pond Hockey Classic to go out to the pond and shovel the snow yet one more time. After spending countless hours the past 2 days the 4 of us (Canada Rhett, George the Gringo, Half Baked T-Jay, and the Short Fat Kid) made the trek out to Deary and down to the pond again today. We thought we might be in good shape with a good freeze last night but apparently it snowed slush instead of the fluffy white shit. There was another good 4-8 inches of standing water under that fluffy stuff. After some debate it was decided that it was in OUR best interest to clear out the snow and leave all of the slush to mother nature......let's see what that bitch brings this week. Hopefully with with the warmer weather this week, we will get a nice melt and settle all of the slush into a swimming pool that may or may not freeze by the weekend.

Damn this SUCKS!

Short Fat Kid, Half-Baked, Gringo

On another note:

I am still not sure that Max LOVES hockey. I am sure that he may admire it or even really LIKE it but I haven't seen the commitment that shows how much he LOVES hockey. Rhett, David, Childers, and I all made it to hockey tonight after getting the F-150 stuck yet AGAIN- this time at Childer's place. Hey doesn't that P.O.S. have 4WD? Max had some lame excuse like his truck was stuck too..... He also isn't seen in ANY of the photos since he hasn't been out to shovel yet.......Max, how much do you really LOVE hockey?

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