Saturday, February 14, 2009

New, creepy poll!

What is JD's best look? Vote now, vote often.
A) The Silverstein

B) Whatever the fuck this is

C) The brooding novelist

D) The Babe Winkleman

E) The acid trip gone terribly awry


  1. There is NOTHING wrong with the MAN PERM!

  2. Is this poll a binding agreement? Do I have to go back to the look that gets the most votes? I need to know because I may be getting a hair cut if I don't but since the "What the Fuck" is winning I will need to keep the hair long so the Perm takes.

  3. the "wtf" should be called the rico suave. come on now.

    i think after the success of this poll and the legally binding 'do, we should figure out which celebrity to send him to the TV guide celebrity look alike show as.
    a) Joe Mantegna
    b) George Michael
    c) Shel Silverstein
    d) Ron Jeremy
    e) One of the Jonas brothers, the one with the faggy curly hair