Monday, February 16, 2009

Childers we love you

But seriously...


  1. Was it poor refereeing etiquette for me to laugh at him and tell him he sucked?

  2. that video clearly does not give context to my situation.

    1) I was coming in on the left side
    2) i didnt walk it in front (ala Patrick Stefan)
    3) I shot it from at least 20 feet out (increasing difficulty)
    4) it was a high pressure situation (the game was on the line)
    5) Strategy prevails, my played worked (wasting just enough time off the clock to prevent them from scoring)
    6) Hammer rushed my shot (i could hear awesome footsteps)

  3. Excuses are like assholes. Nobody wants to see or hear yours.

  4. 7) everyone believed in you
    8) i wondered "what if he missed" at the redline but you kept skating and the odds were diminishing

    the most childers-esque part of the episode isn't that he missed an open net from the top of the circles it's that he subsequently got beaten to the puck in the corner afterwards

    fucking buzzer beat me by a cunthair

  5. Didn't Childers also try to deke the NON-EXISTENT goalie....what a dumbass.

  6. I just saw a commercial on TV for iPhones....they have a new app. It is called iMissed! Maybe Childers can download it onto his iPhone.

  7. Took you all day to think of that, didn't it? But seriously, Childers is an idiot.