Thursday, September 24, 2009

Palouse Hockey 2009-2010

On the verge of the 2009-2010 season's inaugural skate Sunday in Lewiston, I thought I would drop by the blog, update the community with recent announcements, address a few rumors, and discuss a few issues which are pissing me off...

First, I would like to welcome everyone in our blog community back for another exciting year on the Palouse.

Community announcements:

- Lewiston's rink will be open this weekend. Hence, Kuzyk will be assembling a crew of Pullscow hockey gypsies to compete against the elite members of the Lewiston hockey community. Due to Childers outragously idiotic behavior he is assigned the duty of bringing beer. (Nothing less than a half-rack will suffice Childo.)

- There is also a ref seminar on Saturday Sept. 26 th in Lewiston. No word yet on if John O'Dowd is bringing the beers...

- Rachel Veseth is officially back as PIR hockey director. AWESOME NEWS HUH?!

Rumors and innuendo:

- The official site of the 2009-2010 Palouse Pond Hockey Classic has NOT been officially announced.

I can confirm that Priest Lake, ID is being considered but I would like to remind everyone that no formal decision has been reached.

As a member of the planning committee I can tell you we are investigating hundreds if not thousands of locations world wide to hold this monumental event.

- I will personally verify that I have slept with Julie Edwards. It was glorious.

- Childers is being a pussy and won't attempt to play in the "A" League this season.

- Hammer really did bring my Ahi tuna back to life when I saw him in McCall, ID.

Annoying bullshit:

- What is the deal with having "A" League games only on Friday and Saturday nights?!

- Former blog administrator Zack Thurmond has NOT yet provided me with the password to set up new polls. Absolutely ridiculous...

More updates to come...


  1. I think it should henceforth be called the "Zack Thurmond Memorial Pond Hockey Classic". Otherwise, no administrative priveleges shall be granted.

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  3. according to the weather widget, it is 84 degrees in Deary. It is snowing here. Suck it.

  4. I would like an article featuring me please.

    -Uno Ocho

  5. Hey Uno-Ocho,

    They made a video about you and you SUCKED in didn't help out your team ONE BIT! I have a copy of the vid to prove it.